The Importance of in vivo Like Astroglial-Neuron Co-Cultures

The Power of Neuromics’-Aruna Biomedical’s hAstroPro™-NeuroNet™ Co-Cultures. We are pleased to be the first to market with our in vivo like co-cultures. Here are key points of what make these cultures unique:

  • Pure, Potent and Proven

  • Proof That These areTrue Co-Cultures

  •  Co-Cultures vs Neuron Only Cultures

What have we learned? The mix of Astroglia vs Neurons can have a dramatic impact on your data end points. This can lead to wrong conclusion being drawn from your tox and compound/small molecule neurodegenerative disease assays. We stand ready to serve you and your team. Questions? Don not hesitate to call 612-801-1007 or e-mail me Pete Shuster, CEO and Owner, Neuromics

3 thoughts on “The Importance of in vivo Like Astroglial-Neuron Co-Cultures

  1. This discovery served as the foundation for effective new treatments.
    Clinical Trials are categorized into four phases as follows:.
    They found that purified cells, known specifically as CD146+
    perivascular cells, a subset of the ‘mixed bag’ of mesenchymal cells
    commonly used to differentiate HSPCs, shaped a ‘niche’ for HSPCs and sustained
    them for a far longer time than was possible before in the laboratory.

  2. Greetings! Very helpful guidance on this article!
    It is the small changes that make the biggest changes.

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

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