Culturing DRG Neurons

In our last backstory, we featured Dr. Matt Ramer and the excellent work he and his team are doing on  Sensory Neuron Regeneration. One of the focal points of this research is on the Dorsal Root Ganglion. This is the connection point between the Peripheral Nervous System and Spinal Cord. From the spinal cord signals are sent to the brain for processing.

In response to the expressed needs of our colleagues and customers, we now offer E18 primary Rat DRG tissue

DRGs culture on calf skin collagen

DRGs culture on calf skin collagen

and related methods enabling researchers to make healthy and pure cultures of DRG Neurons.

 Primary Rat DRGs are live neurons isolated from micro-surgically dissected regions of day 18 embryonic Sprague/Dawley rat brain. These cells are prepared fresh each week and shipped in a nutrient rich medium that keeps the cells alive for up to 14 days under refrigeration.

Please note: It is important to review Protocol/Datasheet prior to ordering. There is a unique step for making the dissociation enzyme solution. Do not hesitate to call or e-mail me (612-801-1007 or should you have questions.

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