Making Gains on Pain

Nicolas Beaudet

Nicolas Beaudet

Neuromics has been helping researchers make “gains on pain” from day one. Our initial sales were Opioid Receptor Antibdies¬†licensed from Dr. Robert Elde’s lab at the University of Minnesota.

From this start, we have expanded our expertise and products. Our reputation in this area has resulted in our forming collaborations and friendships with research teams doing important work in chronic and nociceptive pain research.

Over the past several years, I have worked closely with Dr. Nicolas Beaudet, a member of Dr. Philippe Sarret’s team, at the University of Sherbrooke”. In our next backstory we will feature the vangaurd work they are doing on the Neurotensin (NTS) Receptors¬†and pain.

Manipulation of these receptors-NTS-1, NTS-2 and NTS-3 could represent a therapy for pain independent of the opioid pathway. This means pain could be treated without narcotics meaning a reduction of side effects from current treatments including addiction to pain killers.