Desperately Seeking Data

50 USD Starbuck Reward Card

It has been a while since I posted here…but we need data.
Human, primary cells were our biggest sellers in 2016. Most can be passaged 6+ times so users have been able to build healthy stocks. In searching for new business, I am learning that many labs need more data in order to determine if our cells will work for them. This has resulted in our Desperately Seeking Data. Just email us any data generated using our cells and we will email back a 25 USD Starbuck’s Gift Card.

Here’s an example of customer data provided as part of this campaign.

Neuromics’ Neurons in Culture-Courtesy of ┬áDr. Mahendran Subramanian, Keele University

Figure. Gene delivery by oscillating nanomagnetic gene transfection in primary cortical neurons. Images of pmaxGFP plasmid expressed in primary neurons using fluorescence microscopy and its corresponding Hoechst 33,342 stained counterpart of transfected DIV 1 (A,C) and DIV 5 (B,D) mature neurons were taken 48 h post transfection

Just email me your data and we will email back the gift card.