Intra-i-Fect Tissue Specific siRNA Kits

I have published content here on our collaborator’s success using i-Fect to delivery siRNA in vivo and in-vitro. These kits have been used for gene expression analysis studies of DOR, hTERT, The β3 subunit of the Na+,K+-ATPase, rSNSR1, NTS1. NAV1.8, Survivin,  Flaviviruses and more.

I am excited about another iteration of capablilities with our new:
Intra-i-Fect Tissue Specific siRNA Kits.

These kits are designed to deliver siRNA in vivo via intravenous injections with high efficiency to specific tissue in rats and mice. The protocol involves these simple steps: prep, mix, dry, hydrate and inject.

They are developed using a proprietary platform that uses nano-particles as the delivery vehicle. This platform enables:

  • Effective delivery (60%+ knockdown) with no toxicity.
  • Scalable to high throughput siRNA based gene screening.
  • Consistent and reproducible results

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