About Pete Shuster

I formed Neuromics in 2002. The foundation of the company was built on a core of reagents designed for pain researchers. From there, my company has expanded its offering to serve all of Neuroscience Research.  We have recently expanded our offering to include stem and primary cells assays designed to serve cancer immune response, autoimmune and degenerative disease researchers.  

I credit my excellent collaborators as being integral to the ongoing success of my company. This includes enhancing our ability to serve the Neuroscience Research Community by identifying new products and using their laboratory team members and resources to test these products in their research.  This helps us fulfill our promise of providing reagents that work. We only succeed when our products work in our Neuroscience Researchers’ unique applications.

I am energized by my company’s growing ability to help the people that matter most. Those working towards alleviating the suffering caused by Neuro-related diseases.

My prior professional experiences includes working in the information technology and software industries in sales and sales management. I have leveraged this experience and my sales and marketing expertise to launch several successful web based companies. In addition to Neuromics, this includes Kingdom2.com (which I sold in 2006).


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