Advancing the Study of Apoptosis

gary-johnson1Featuring Gary Johnson and his team at Immunochemistry Technologies LLC.

The ability to accurately measure apoptosis processes is a core  research component for many of our customers and colleagues.  Neuromics has leveraged our growing partnership with Gary and ICT to meet the exacting requirements of  Researchers studying apoptosis.

I am excited to be featuring Gary and his company in our June News Behind the News. Gary and his team have

Polycaspase Apoptsis

Polycaspase Apoptsis

proven to me time  and again the ability to deliver methods and kits that meet our customers’ needs.  I can count on the feedback to be positive and use to expand in user labs.

In the feature, I will provide details of Gary’s unique background. The path that lead him to founding ICT and the development of current capabilities. Most importantly, I will provide a glimpse of coming new methods and products. These could significantly improve the development of therapies for diseases that involve aptotosis.

Image: Jurkat cells dually stained with Hoechst and Polycaspase Assay Kit, green-FAM-VAD-FMK. Caspase activity is revealed by green fluorescence in cell #2, indicating that only this cell is apoptotic. Cell #1 is also dying (scattered blue), but is not apoptotic because it is not green. Cell #3 is healthy (concentrated blue nucleus).